Beck's typewriter and office machine museum in Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland Beck's typewriter and office machine museum in Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland
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Malling Hansen - 1867
Sholes & Glidden - 1874
Crandall - 1886
Kosmopolit - 1888
Columbia Index Mod. 1 - 1884
Salter Mod. 5 - 1892
Lambert - 1896
Edelmann - 1897
Diskret - 1898
Mignon Mod. 2 Rot - 1902
Liliput Duplex - 1907
Darling - 1911
Virotyp - 1914
Crandall - 1886

Crandall - 1886

Made in USA.
Constructing engineer: Lucien S. Crandall.
Manufacturer: Groton, New York and the Crandall Machine Company.
The types are described as being printer's faces, mounted on a type-sleeve, three and a half inches long, and half an inch in diameter. The lower portion of this sleeve is bevelled out into a series of cog-like grooves, and when a key is depressed, and the lever actuates a twirler arm, the teeth in which engaging in the grooves, cause the type-sleeve to revolve. In the type-sleeve, just below the letters, are a series of holes, and when, by means of continued pressure on the finger key, the sleeve is forced to descend and meet the paper, a locking pin enters the hole, corresponding with the letter or sign about to be printed, and so holds it firmly during the act of impression.
The total number of parts does not exceed 500, the number of keys is twenty-eight, governing eighty-four characters. The key-tops are of celluloid, with inlaid characters. The machine is very compact and portable, and light in proportion to its size.